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Progressive Rock breaks through the dimensions of modern rock. The songs are free flowing with tonality, rhythm and soundscapes. The music takes you through a journey of visual and poetic elements which leads you to magic places and creates an atmosphere full of mystery.

The Principles Of Uncertainty (POU) are inspired by groups such as Yes, King Crimson, Rush und Dream Theater. Energetic rock music mixes itself with elements out of the most diverse music styles from classic, jazz to pop.

The diversity of the music reflects itself in the lyrics again. To support the individual character of the music pieces POU uses e.g. Old English, French and Latin passages from different centuries and incorporates them in their music.

All music titles and most lyrics are composed and written by the band. POU also uses freelance authors and poets such as (John Donne 1572 - 1631, Arthur Rimbaud 1854 - 1891 und Ovid 43 BC - 17 AD) who contribute their writings.


You'll never know what will come next ...